In just one month, Antihero by Tim Conkling will be released! Read on for more information.


In Antihero, you run a thieves’ guild in a 19th-century Dickensian city overrun by corruption. You scout the city with your Master Thief; train street urchins to infiltrate buildings and steal anything that’s not nailed down; blackmail the city’s wealthy elite with evidence of their crooked behavior; and perform the occasional assassination. Antihero is a turn-based strategy game in the 4X tradition. (“4X” being the abbreviation for “explore, expand, exploit, exterminate;” the Civilization series is the granddaddy of the genre.) But Antihero differs from its 4X brethren somewhat in that it’s about thievery instead of spaceships or global conquest; and in its fast-paced nature: turns take a couple minutes at most, and you can generally expect to complete a full game with less than an hour’s worth of playtime. While Antihero will have plenty of deep single-player content and won’t require a human opponent to enjoy, the game’s streamlined mechanics come from our desire to make an asynchronous multiplayer game — a game you can play in short sessions, with multiple games going against multiple opponents.

The concept was born out of a love for asynchronous multiplayer games and a longing to be a late-nineteenth century gentleman cutpurse and scoundrel.


  • Fast-paced turn-based strategy
  • Single-player & asynchronous multiplayer
  • Desktops, tablets, & phones
  • Street lamps, sneaking, & skulduggery
  • Englishmen

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