Darewise Entertainment and Nvizzio Creations today released the biggest Steam update yet for their game ROKH. The mega-update features new and improved servers for more stability, an in game chat feature, “Salvage” gameplay, and much more. Set on the planet Mars, ROKH features a persistent world and multiplayer co-op where players will explore the Martian way of life.

The ROKH update list of features and improvements includes:

  • New Chat Feature: Allows global and private messages between players
  • Salvage feature: Use your crowbar to break down assembled objects and tools into their component materials
  • Server connectivity: players can now connect through Steam Server list or the in-game Server Browse menu
  • Starting Hammer Tool: A helpful tool to get newcomers crafting right away
  • Magnetron is now craftable

The update also fixes several bugs, including:

  • Fixed server crash relating to the power grid
  • Fixed server crash relating to connecting pipes and storage tanks
  • Fixed floating or misplaced art assets
  • Fixed some backstory items that weren’t interactive
  • Doors now remain locked after a server is restarted
  • Tile Mold can now be picked up
  • The TAB key can now rebound, ALT and CTRL can now be used for combo inputs
  • Audio settings are reverted when cancelling the options menu if they were not applied

In ROKH, players must explore the Martian landscape as they scavenge through deserted human structures to gather the resources they need to survive. With few blueprints, players must use their ingenuity to create tools from a variety of materials and construct their own encampments with no design limitations. ROKH places players on a cold and dry land that harbors a wealth of resources to extract and exploit. Players will explore Mars, paving the way for settlers to come, as Earth’s resources are tapped and the planet is dying. Mars is a hostile planet where joining forces with friends increases efficiency, and invites trade and barter to develop a habitable and customizable ecosystem.

More information: http://rokhthegame.com

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