Just in time for Father’s Day, Dad Quest will receive its first major content update! As promised, a new playable character, Fem Dad, takes centre stage in this update. She’s lean, mean, and one hell of a Dad! The entirety of Dad Quest will now be available to play as Fem Dad!

As well as this main new feature, developers Sundae Month have been hard at work to polish the already-existing Dad Quest content. Various upgrades will debut, including the following:

  • New models for enemy pigeons.
  • New art asset for the Gravel, which acts as currency in Dad Quest.
  • Updated tutorial to reflect some new content.
  • New levelling system for the Child. Throwing your Child through buildings now levels them up.
  • Updated Desert Dungeon, visually, with more decorations.
  • Healing system tweaked.
  • Level progression has been updated to be a little more forgiving, but still difficult.
  • Exp has been removed. Everything is now purchased with Gravel.
  • Enemies now deal damage on contact.
  • Toys are now more of a focus for Children.
  • Today, we’ve also released a brand new trailer, which serves as your first ever look at Chapter 2. This upcoming update will be by far the biggest yet, adding over an hour of content and progressing Dad Quest’s story.

Why not celebrate Father’s Day with one of the only Dad-themed games out there? Dad Quest sits at a 95% positive review rating, so there’s no better reason to play. To request a review code for Dad Quest, please email jamesc@excalibur-games.com , or visit Dad Quest’s Keymailer listing.

About Dad Quest
Fight formidable enemies, such as pigs and eggs, by using your child as a weapon! Upgrade using the child’s skill tree, enhance your throwing damage, and even unlock new abilities, such as extending your child to use as a sword. Players can view the first gameplay trailer here. In order to keep updated on Dad Quest, players and the press alike should add the game to their Steam wishlist, which will make them the first to hear of new blogs and updates on Dad Quest. In addition, players can follow Dad Quest on Twitter and like the game on Facebook, as another means of keeping up to date.

More information: http://dadquestgame.com/