As The Day After: Origins release date is getting closer and closer, Coconut Games starts a Kickstarter campaign to reach higher standard of quality for their game.

About this project:
The Day After : Origins is an open-world action and story-driven game that takes place in a nearly bankrupted North-American town named Grayfox Hill. You’ll get to play Noah Byers, a nonchalant young man who just saw his whole city being turned into chaos because of the sudden spread of violent bacteria. In this game, you’ll make choices that will impact the course of events. Walk freely through Grayfox Hill and explore every corner of the town. Experience multiple ways to overcome the obstacles and fight the deadly infected citizens. One of the most important aspects of The Day After : Origins experience is about making choices. Every decision affects the storylines and the world itself. All the NPCs react and interact with Noah in accordance to the reputation you’ll build with your previous choices. Even the landscape might change according to some of your actions.

The game’s crowdfunding campaign focuses on a variety of key features which will be in The Day After: Origins, such as the intuitive gameplay (environmental interactions), the karma (choices and consequences), the enemies and the open world.

With this Kickstarter Campaign, Coconut Games starts the final sprint toward the Early Access release this September. The funds raised will help to improve this first version of the game. As the team mentions in their Kickstarter page: “We wish to launch a polished Early Access version of The Day After: Origins. We would like to include more of the assets we have in mind for the whole game. This is why we need your help.”

The Kickstarter campaign will be going on for 30 days, and some of the promotional rewards offered to the backers really worth a glance.

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