Lay waste to a demonic Babel Tower and crush a bloody clan of ancestral demons in Demoniaca, a unique dark gothic action platformer.

Demoniaca’s Round Two is now live on Kickstarter for three days now. “The campaign is going well and steady. We’re not having a lot of visits, but we have never been good at advertising ourselves. Sadly, the visibility on Kickstarter is a great issue and we’re struggling to get the volume of traffic we were hoping for. I’d like to ask players to help and share our efforts, this is most important for the entire project.” said AKI, project leader at Mnemosyne Games.

The Tyger. “We have a new trailer, it will get you deep in the story illustrating the inner conflict of our protagonist. The Girl and the demon: as in any struggle between good and evil, balance is required. I think the poetry of William Blake is perfect to explain this spectacular balance. She needs the power of the beast and we will not know what price she will be willing to pay for getting revenge. It’s a personal battle, an inner egoistic conflict, all we know here is blood and violence… it’s not a story of justice.”

About Mnemosyne Games
Mnemosyne Games is a small and motivated Italian indie team. Their ambition is to craft innovative ideas that embody their strong passion for old-school videogames. “We are financially independent and not tied to any videogame publisher. As a small-sized team we have the flexibility to push our creative limits even further without the need of any third-party to approve our ideas and review our design decisions. This makes us motivated, incredibly involved and passionate in our project.”

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