Edengrad, the immersive MMORPG, has been updated with new content and features. The updated game will be available on Steam Summer Sale.

Edengrad is a hardcore survival MMORPG game rooted in post-apo genre and drawing on the best features of such classics as Fallout, Mad Max and Wasteland. The game takes place in a world contaminated after many years of global wars. Only a small fraction of society managed to survive the turmoil, but due to heavy pollution, still faced extinction. The chosen ones left the Earth and traveled to Lobos, a planet in the Alpha Centauri, and lost contact with the Earth. Some of those left behind were lucky enough to find refuge in underground vaults.

After many years, the government regenerated the environment on Earth’s surface using special types of machines known as “Hydra”-class nature generators. In the game, the player controls a character, who is a great-grandchild of the first residents of one of the vaults and a mercenary for the W.A.R.P. organization.

The developer of Edengrad has enriched the gameplay with completely new features. The players will now be able to engage in, long awaited, wars with other towns. The creators also added new animations, new maps, a new planting system, new construction elements and skills such as “First Aid”, allowing the players to heal their companions. The players will also be able to enjoy a faster and more stable gameplay, due to improved servers.

More information: http://edengrad.net/en/