There’s a new VR God in town: Grand Master Alwyn, Virtual Space Lord, has unceremoniously hacked the official Twitter account for Blasters of the Universe – the highly-anticipated VR bullet-hell shooter from Emmy® award-winning content studio Secret Location.

“Our team has been working hard to prepare for the Summer 2017 launch of our studio’s first-ever original VR game, Blasters of the Universe,” says Josh Manricks, Technical Director & Product Lead at Secret Location. “Grand Master Alwyn’s true form was revealed when his consciousness was uploaded into virtual reality, and now the master of all VR space has hacked the @BlastersVR Twitter account.”

The Blasters of the Universe team is committed to regaining control of the Twitter account and is doing everything to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. The team apologizes for any confusion this has caused. “We encourage all Blasters to tweet to Grand Master Alwyn @BlastersVR during E3,” said Josh Manricks. “Together we can take back VR (and Twitter) from this self-proclaimed Virtual Space Lord!” Alwyn is out of control: If you send him a tweet during E3, you just might get a snarky #AlwynFTW response.

Meet Alwyn: Misunderstood Genius
Back in the ‘90s, plain old Alwyn spent his days as the undisputed king of the local arcade. Yes, he was awkward, insecure, and a little older than the other kids – but he did have superior skills and could mash buttons faster than anyone else. Shunned by the other kids, Alwyn’s true friends were the arcade games he played day in and day out. The real world around him eventually disappeared as he became one with the digital worlds he inhabited for hours on end. Anointing himself with the Grand Master moniker, Alwyn became known as the one and only Virtual Space Lord.

About the Game
In Blasters of the Universe, use hundreds of weapon combinations and seriously sick moves to overthrow the armies of an insecure man-child. Dodge and blast your way through unrelenting waves of enemies in a neon-bathed world straight out of ‘90s VHS cover art! The game has recently been updated with a whole new level (Facility), a new boss battle – and even the long-awaited Endless Mode. Who knows what goodies lay ahead once Blasters of the Universe has its official launch?

Key Features

  • Experience VR bullet hell on HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.
  • Dodge seemingly endless waves of enemies and projectiles.
  • Customize your weapons with hundreds of possible combinations.
  • Engage in epic boss battles where survival is far from guaranteed.
  • Enjoy an exciting campaign mode along with a number of bonus challenges.

Pricing & Availability
Blasters of the Universe is currently available on Steam Early Access for $14.99. The game is compatible with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headsets, and requires tracked motion controllers.

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