One Man Left (makers of Tilt to Live, Outwitters) are proud to announce that our next game will be Hex Gambit, a fast and fluid PvP strategy game for PC and the Nintendo Switch™ console. This will be our first console title after starting our career in mobile games, shifting focus more recently to Steam.

Hex Gambit is the spiritual successor to our 2012 cult classic Outwitters, incorporating ideas from nine different prototypes we tinkered with over about four years. We’re currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter to bolster our resources for sound design and polish.


  • 1v1 and 2v2 matches, local and online
  • Practice against the AI
  • Smart asynchronous play: Watch your opponent take their turns live, or come back whenever.
  • Massive league metagame: Choose a faction each season and fight for the trophy!
  • Customize your team: Choose a captain and five minion classes to craft a personal playstyle. 126 combinations to explore on launch day!

Game Details
Hex Gambit is a turn-based PvP strategy game with a focus on fluidity and player creativity. We’re favoring moves and abilities that are useful for more than one thing, in more than one way.

Take our checkers-inspired crowdsurfing mechanic: for the cost of moving one space, any character in the game can bounce over the head of a neighboring unit and land on the opposite side. That’s chainable if a bunch of characters are standing in a line, and it makes moving around the map a fun puzzle in and of itself.

Players select a squad of 5 minion classes and 1 captain, who provides your team with a unique bonus. We’ll have 7 minions to choose from on launch day for 21 combinations, times 6 captains. More minions are planned as post-launch DLC to increase that variety exponentially.

In your first turn, you arrange any five starting minions however you like on your side of the map. This quick setup phase kicks matches into action almost immediately. Games typically last 10-30 minutes, with stronger character abilities unlocking in the late game for epic, decisive conclusions.
The first player to reach 10 Victory Points wins. 1 VP is awarded for a minion kill, 2 if you can “tap” a crystal pillar on the hostile side of the map.

The heart of Hex Gambit is our competitive online league play. Each month, players can choose a new faction to fight for in a massive territory control metagame. Any Victory Points you earn in a league match, win or lose, help your faction seize territory on a huge hex map. Profile trophies are awarded to all members of the winning faction each season, and to the top performers on each team.

Hex Gambit is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. We plan to start Steam Early Access in October of this year, with a final launch in Q2 of 2018 on Steam and the Ninendo Switch™ console. Overfunding on Kickstarter may push that launch day back as new features are made possible.

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