Fat Dog Games, the publisher of Inner Voices, announces, that a new content expansion will be available on Steam Summer Sale. It will also address most of the issues reported by players, such as stability and visual glitches, also adding new features.

Inner Voices is a dark first person adventure game with horror and rogue-like elements. John Blake, the main character, is a man trapped in a dark dimension with no memories left whatsoever. Moving through what seems to be a dark purgatory, he gradually reveals the secrets of his lost life, all the while accompanied by a dark force, twisting both the protagonist and the world around him. The game is a semi-randomized, ever-changing maze filled with logical puzzles with different levels of complexity. Solving the puzzles, making some tough decisions and following the mysterious story leads to one of the five possible endings.

New features will consist of:

  • New jumpscare options – You can now turn the jump scares off in the Options menu at any time during the game. Also, all the jumpscares occur just once.
  • Riddles – New environmental riddles added. Explore Your surroundings and solve riddles to complete The Alphabet. These tasks are not related to the main story.

Developers also addressed a number of reported bugs and glitches, related to visuals, game mechanics and stability and will continue to improve the game. Inner Voices will be featured on Steam Summer Sale, which begins on 22nd of June, 2017. Feel free to check it out!

More information: http://www.inner-voices.com/