The PC version of the KILLING FLOOR 2 Summer Sideshow kicked off last week on Steam, introducing players to a new map set in a freaky scary circus filled with terrifying clown Zeds, and a host of other new content to unlock and play around with. One of the ways players can unlock new content is by playing the Weekly Outbreak, a rotating series of new weekly game modes that challenge fans to play the game in new ways.

Each Weekly Outbreak mode will be introduced with an original trailer showing off the mode’s unique rules and win conditions. New exclusive cosmetic items will be unlocked every time you beat one of the Weekly Outbreak mode, so make sure you play each week to unlock that special Weekly Outbreak item!

KILLING FLOOR 2 Summer Sideshow Weekly Outbreak Schedule:

  • June 20 – Cranium Cracker – Brain damage is the best damage.
    In this outbreak, the Zeds have mutated such that they can only be put down for good with damage to the head.
  • June 27 – Tiny Terror – A small threat is still a threat.
    Shooting Zeds in this outbreak will cause them to shrink, making them harder to hit.
  • July 4 – Bobble Zed – …that must hurt their necks.
    Something went horribly wrong with this batch of Zeds and their heads are wwwaaaayyyyyyy larger than normal! Huge even!
  • July 11 – Poundemonium – All Fleshpounds, all the time. Almost.
    The Fleshpound Convention is in town!
  • July 18 – Up, Up and Decay – Try to make ninety-nine Zed balloons.
    Shooting Zeds in this outbreak will cause them to inflate like balloons, even to the point of floating away and popping!
  • July 25 – Zed Time – All the Zed Time in the world.
    Ever think that life is passing you by? Not in this outbreak! You’ll be in Zed Time any time you’re near a Zed.
  • August 1 – Beefcake – Bigger they are, harder you fall.
    In this outbreak, Zeds increase their health, size, and reach when they hit players or are affected by certain Zed abilities.
  • August 8 – Boom – Zeds under pressure; may explode.
    Maybe it was something they ate? Bad gas? Whatever it was, Zeds explode when killed in this outbreak.

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