The worst monsters are not in fairy-tales. How do you find a monster you cannot see?

Platonic Partnership Ltd released their debut title Lydia on June 2nd on Steam for PC & Mac (iOS & Android versions will be launched later). Lydia is a grim, dark and atmospheric story-driven adventure game. The theme of the game is alcoholism and especially how it affects children.

The protagonist of the game is a little girl, who processes her parents’ alcoholism through her imagination.

Facts about the game

  • New approach to digital storytelling: mature theme meets classic point and click adventure game
  • Story first: Compact structure serves the story.
  • Gray-scale graphics are done by seasoned graphic novel author Henri Tervapuro, whose work has been published internationally.
  • Original score is composed by renowned film composer Juhana Lehtiniemi. His previous work include several film productions.
  • Story is written by a published and award-winning game author/journalist Juho Kuorikoski, with an emphasis on the team’s own experiences of the subject matter.

About Platonic Partnership Ltd.
Platonic Partnership is four man strong indie game studio based Ostrobothnia, Finland. The team consists of region’s game industry veterans. The company was founded in 2017, and Lydia is their first commercial title of the team.

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