Kiz Studios is excited to announce their Multiplayer RPG Battler Might & Mayhem is now available on Steam. The game arrives with 80+ playable characters and over 100+ equipment items to customize fighters.

“As far as turn-based battlers go, Might & Mayhem stamps on the feet of the competition like a angry dwarf,” commented Craig Albeck, Director of Publishing. “It’s a massive game. With all the characters and customization options, there really is no limit to how you can combine strengths and abilities to create amazing battle-ready teams.”

Featuring quick turn-based combat and simple character leveling, even new players will have fun stomping through single player quests and smashing heads in live PvP battles. At the same time, veteran players will find dozens of fighters with unique abilities and game changing items, giving them the kind of in-depth customization they need to try out new combos, perfect their strategy and battle their way to the top.

In addition to epic, single player boss battles, Might & Mayhem also includes Alliance Raids for bigger fights with even bigger rewards. In alliances, you can engage in raids, horde battles, chat, collect unique loot and create custom flags to show off your allegiance.

About Might & Mayhem:

  • BATTLE your friends and foes in live PvP battles
  • QUEST for glory with single-player missions and epic boss fights
  • LOOT enemies for gold and lost treasure
  • CREATE an army of heroes from across the realm
  • EXPLORE the Lost Kingdom in stunning 3D environments
  • EVOLVE your troops from scrappy fighters to elite warriors
  • CUSTOMIZE fighters by equipping battle-changing items
  • DISCOVER new strategies with different fighter combinations

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