Today Point Blank Games, indie developer from Berlin, released a patch for Shock Tactics, the fast-paced tactical combat game with exploration elements and intricate squad management. Following feedback from the community, the patch improves allied AI, overall performance and fixes known problems.

Allied Free Space Pioneers will now actively participate in fights and not just defend themselves, it is now possible to skip the first to tutorial missions but keep the rest of the tutorials enabled and saving times have been notably reduced for new save games.

Full patch notes:

  • Updated the allied AI for the FSP soldiers, they now reposition themselves and fight over longer distances
  • Saving a game now only takes a few seconds
  • Save game files are now much smaller
  • Fixed memory crashes during the saving of a game
  • Save games from play sessions before the patch will remain with the pre-patch save/load version to keep them functional
  • Upgraded to Unity Engine Version 5.4.5p1, which fixed some graphics card crashes
  • Fixed a bug that caused a very small default resolution when starting Shock Tactics the first time
  • When starting a new game, you can now skip the first two tutorial missions, but keep the rest of the tutorials enabled
  • Fixed collider bugs in several maps
  • Slight loading time optimization
  • Minor memory usage optimizations

Shock Tactics comes with a complex cover system, where it is crucial to use the terrain to your advantage. Position yourself above the enemy and strike both swiftly and decisively in action-packed strategic battles.

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