OVERTURN, the first-person shooter (FPS) action-puzzle adventure game developed specifically for virtual reality on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, is now live on Steam Greenlight. Developed by Studio HG and published by YJM Games, OVERTURN tasks players with escaping from a deadly laboratory. OVERTURN’s adventure fuses puzzle elements with explosive action scenes across multiple stages, challenging players to use a wide array of weapons to fight off enemies. With a free locomotion movement system, players will encounter a new companion, MAGI, who can help assist their character on their journey – but can they trust her?

OVERTURN will later release multiplayer functionality sometime following the game’s launch. In the story mode where quick reactions and sharp shooting are needed to stay alive, OVERTURN immerses players within a FPS adventure facing an onslaught of robotic enemies. With beam rifles, energy swords, grenades, mechanical robots and even bare fists, players will be forced to use any weapon at their disposal to destroy their enemies.

During your journey to escape the evil laboratory, you’ll find a woman still suffering from the lab’s ongoing experiments. Although you are horrified by the psychic powers that she possesses, your new companion, MAGI, stands to help you immensely throughout your fight for freedom. With offensive powerups like Infinite Charge, Grenade, and Battle MAGI, and defensive abilities such as Time Slow, Shield, and HP, MAGI has the power to destroy life – but it may be too much to handle.

“OVERTURN is uniquely positioned to offer players the fast-paced, free-moving FPS action that VR is able to deliver, while at the same time providing an engaging and intriguing narrative as players search for answers about what’s going on” said David Han, Founder of Studio HG. “What is the truth behind the player’s existence within the laboratory? Can they truly trust MAGI, their new companion, on their journey to safety?”

More information: http://www.overturnvr.com/

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