Tryconic Studios announces Rail Theory; an action RPG featuring 3rd person combat inspired by Resident Evil 4 with enemies and level design reminiscent of Dark Souls.

Rail Theory contains several innovations designed around randomized enemy components and open level design. A playable demo has been released showcasing several of the games features, including:

  • A Dynamic Difficulty System – In game player statistics affect the chance certain components will be created on an enemy. This changes up gameplay by varying enemy behavior and abilities.
  • Enemies with Randomized Components – Changes the offensive and defensive characteristics of enemies. This will affect both individual and group behavior.
  • Cause and Effect Environments – The order in which areas are completed changes the properties of surrounding areas, along with their enemies and boss fights.
  • A Unique Health System – Made up of armor, trauma, and stamina. As trauma increases, the amount of total stamina available decreases. The randomized enemy weapons do varying amounts of damage to armor and trauma depending on their properties. (blunt, sharp, caustic, etc.) Having high trauma also has other adverse effects, such as increased aim shake and reduced movement speed, making survival more difficult.
  • Multi-Purpose Weaponry – The demo features a dynamic weapon used for both melee and ranged attacks called the Foyl Dredge. It’s design will be built around interactions with the randomized enemy components.

Have you ever found yourself playing a promising game title, only to find yourself thinking: “Man, I wish there was some sort of dynamic difficulty system so enemies could draw randomized components from a pool of assets in response to real time player statistics to change up gameplay when I’m getting too used to certain mechanics.” I know I have. Also, have you ever been exploring an open, interconnected world and thought, just once… “Man, I wish the order in which I explored areas in this open, interconnected world changed the properties of surrounding areas I haven’t explored yet, resulting in changes to the environments, enemies, and boss fights.” If you’ve had these thoughts, then you’re not alone. Fortunately, Rail Theory was made to fill these holes you may or may not have known you had.

“If I get lost enough, eventually I’ll know where I am.” – Kurt Gantz

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