Summer is heating up in VR! Grab your friends and head down to SCHLOCKS: the ultimate VR superstore! With the new “Summer Activities” department, there’s a lot of fun to have in the “sun”! Take our new remote control car for a spin, blow some bubbles, flip some tasty burger patties, or take aim with waterguns… there’s plenty to do for everyone! That’s the Schlocks Guarantee™ you’ve come to know and expect.

Grab your friends, grab your VR headset, and grab hold of yourself, dammit! Rush through 70+ hectic micro-games (100+ at launch!) in the first ever competitive party game for VR. Each game in Schlocks is only 10 seconds long, so don’t get comfortable; you’ll need to stay on your toes as you bat beehives, hoist the mainsail, and make a dang good sandwich!

Schlocks, your favorite mini-games department store, understands you, the consumer. Every game at Schlocks is a whopping 10 seconds to try our product(s), and experience what everyone’s been talking about! Hop in, test a product in one of our patented Microscopic Games™, and then be suddenly whisked away to a new one; it’s an adventure unlike any other you’ve experienced at a department store! We’re so sure you’ll love shopping with us, that we can promise a consideration of the suggestion of a money back guarantee, or else! That’s the Schlocks-brand Commitment™ that you can count on.

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