Melessthanthree is proud to announce L U C A H, a style-action role-playing game about finding oneself. Featured at QGCon and LA Zine Fest, L U C A H debuts on Kickstarter seeking a $20,000 funding goal by July 7th, and has already amassed a critically enthusiastic online following.

“L U C A H is a game influenced by my personal struggles with identity and mental illness, drawing from horror, songwriting, and arcade action to present a singular experience of self-discovery through struggle.” says L U C A H creator Colin Horgan.  Set in a surreal dreamscape of oppressive rituals and torment, L U C A H challenges players to survive the onslaught of nightmare manifestations by mastering a deep and flashy combat system. Players will utilize customizable Mantras and Familiars to string together devastating combos and lay waste to Nightmares with a kinetic flurry of spells, projectiles, and counterattacks. L U C A H’s interconnected world is thick with atmosphere and tension. A unique hand-drawn art style suggests a hostile world where much is left to player-imagination. This ambiguity lends the game an emotional potency that digs deep into the player’s mind by inviting them to fill in uncertain elements with personal memories. L U C A H currently seeks funding on Kickstarter with a goal of $20,000. Backer rewards include early access, art books, and in-game NPC opportunities. L U C A H’s Kickstarter campaign ends on July 9, 2017, and promises an atmospheric world filled with thunderingly deep combat. For further information, or to pledge to the campaign, please visit the campaign site. Those interested in playing L U C A H can play a free demo on

Key Features:

  • Stylish & punishing combat powered by a hybrid of melee- and projectile-based styles.
  • Customizable characters capable of sampling a rich variety of movesets and passive abilities.
  • Unique Sin & Punishment difficulty system allows you to create the perfect experience for your skill level.
  • A highly repayable 5-6 hour campaign
  • Coming to PC, MacOS and Linux in 2018.


More information: