Set in the foggy ruins of an obliterated airport in Ukraine’s disputed Eastern regions, The Fallen portrays a merciless skirmish that knows no heroes. The game is applying a unique narrational mechanic, forcing the player to take part in the carnage in order to hear the stories of the dead soldiers. It’s a powerful anti-war essay that disguises itself with the conventions of the first person shooter genre, while telling the real biographies of fallen combatants from both sides of the war.

The Fallen is a brechtian shooter. It uses the conventions of a (sniper) shooter, but differs from them drastically in a some of the core aspects. The player has at no point a clear understanding for which side s/he fights. Firing upon enemies and killing them allows the player to hear their story: the camera changes to bullet time and perspective, a Russian voice then tells the story of the person that is about to die. At this point death is irreversible.

After enjoying the honor of an A Maze Award nomination in late April, we re-engaged with the project in May and added a new intro, some sort of conclusion, various visual and acoustic improvements, additional assets and map elements. We look forward showing this latest version in upcoming conventions such as Reversed (July 6-9, Vienna, A), Play Austria (September 15-16, Vienna, A) and Poznan Games Arena (October 5-8, Poznan, PL). Development will be picked up in the late fall. For the finished version, The Fallen is aiming at a compact experience, an essay that can be played from beginning till end in approximately 1.5 hours.


  • gloomy depiction of Ukraine’s frozen conflict
  • unique documentary gameplay
  • reconstruction of Donetsk destroyed airport
  • atmospheric soundtrack

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