If you don’t remember us, we are the guys who came up with this crazy idea of creating a computer game that can teach you History! Because we believe History is important.

That’s why Tritan Studios team have spent a lot of months creating something new. Something that will allows us to understand our past and to perceive our present. We are happy to announce that as of June 20, 2017, the Tritan Studios will start crowdfunding campaign in Kickstarter for our epic RPG – Pillars of History.

Pillars of History is an intriguing combination of action and quest gameplay in the unforgettable atmosphere of Early Medieval Europe. While exploring the hidden mysteries of Eastern Europe with their unique heroes, the players will be able to acquire authentic historical knowledge about the nations that lived long before us.

So after a lot of hard work we’ve come to the point where we need a helping hand. As an Independent Game Development Studio we are familiar with the power of the dedicated fans, since we have their support throughout all these months. So now we kindly ask every RPG or History fan to stand by our side and help us once again to make one huge step towards the realization of Pillars of History.

Each and every one of you will be of tremendous help with a simple “Like”, “Share” or any sum of money. We believe in the values of Pillars of History and with your support we will succeed in creating a majestic game, capable of mesmerizing everyone that loves computer games!

You may become part of the story of Pillars of History on June 20, 2017, by supporting us on Kickstarter. Everyone that lends us a hand will enjoy exclusive gifts , but above all he/she will help deliver amazing entertainment to many people all over the world.

Pillars of History awaits you!

More information: http://tritanstudios.com/