“Tribal Siege” is a hybrid RTS/ACT game in MOBA-like rules.

There are 2 modes in this game and player can switch these modes. This game is primarily a RTS game in RTS mode, but player can control huge unit “Trampler” with the keyboard and mouse in ACT mode. Trampler can easily kill enemies but the resource piety continues to decrease during ACT mode. Trampler can use strong activities costing extra piety. Trampler can move only ACT mode and they are petrifying in RTS mode. There are 3 main types of units in this game, Trampler, Minions and Disintegrators. They have a correlation like Rock-Paper-Scissors. “Trampler” beat “Minions”, “Minions” beat “Disintegrators” and “Disintegrators” beat “Trampler”. This game has wide variety of tribes. All units of this game are full original. They have strong personalities. Tactics will be completely different for each tribes. This game contains multiplayer mode using cloud server. Players can easily have fight with players all over the world.


More information: http://yodoshi-camp.sakura.ne.jp/tribalsiege/main

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