Digital Uppercut and 2 Ton Studios are pleased to announce Unto The End, a new 2D cinematic adventure scheduled to launch in 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


A journey of loss and vengeance told through unforgiving encounters, skillful combat, and stark moments of beauty. Fight your way through an indifferent wilderness full of savage creatures in search of the beast that took everything from you.

STORY: Frigid steel drawn in anger. The beast roars, tearing away your strength and humanity. Blood splashes on the snow. Ragged breath streams from an exhausted body. Your family is slaughtered. You could not protect them. You wake. You survived. Vengeance is all that remains…


  • Pure and rewarding single-player experience
  • Sword-based tactical combat with unique battles and multi-faceted opponents
  • An action-crafted narrative, where variation in choice and consequence encourage multiple playthroughs
  • Explore a landscape that can be both hostile and beautiful
  • Action-crafted narrative

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