Deli Interactive’s co-op submarine crew sim We Need To Go Deeper’s newest content update is jam-packed with new tools, weapons, and upgrades! From music-playing Phonographs to bloody Syringes, players have many new options to help them go deeper!

All hands on deck for June’s content update! This month is all about putting a variety of handy tools, weapons, and upgrades at your disposal, along with a host of fixes and changes! Let’s hop to it!

Five new handy items have been added to the game, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses! Let’s go over each of them, shall we?…

  • The Phonograph! – This bulky fella will let you expose your crew mates to the joys and wonders of classical music! Your whole team will appreciate your supportive tunes backing the score to them fending for their lives
  • The Dynamite! – These explosive, water-resistant wicks of destruction are now at your disposal! Toss and clear out whole groups of enemies in a single blow, or destroy massive armored crabs and clams with but a few well-placed sticks. WARNING: VERY DANGEROUS. USE WITH CAUTION!
  • The Monkey Wrench! – While its repair speed and damage are average, this monkey wrench lives up to its namesake and makes quite the acrobat out of its wielder! Leap higher and run faster with the agile Monkey Wrench!
  • The Tesla Gun! – Invented by the famous inventor Nikola himself, the Tesla Gun packs an electric charge that can really deal some damage. Charge up and release powerful clusters of electric energy at your foes!
  • The Syringe! – This medical marvel allows you to really Doctor it up and perform healing blood transfusions on teammates! Its sharp needle even allows it to be a versatile weapon! WARNING: 5% OF PATIENTS MAY EXPERIENCE SOME DISCOMFORT.

We Need to Go Deeper is a 2-4-player cooperative submarine rogue-like set in a Jules Verne-inspired undersea universe. In the game, you and your crew must embark on many voyages into a mysterious undersea trench known as The Living Infinite.

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